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Congratulations on your GoGoBot purchase! 

We’re excited to have you join us and can’t wait to see what amazing things you create with your robot.

You are in for a treat and some powerful education, all while having fun. There are so much information and stuff to do and explore. The best way to do all this is in a step-by-step way. A course format like this one is by far the best way to go. 

Let me explain how this course works, so you are on track right away.

Modules and Units

This course is broken down into modules (chapters) and in each module is one or more units. Big modules are broken down in to smaller units, so you can learn in smaller chunks, this also allows you to revisit lessons that you would like to refer back to.

What is in a unit?

Units have different sections like lessons, programming code, exercises, homework and resources. 

Some units will have all of these sections and some just one or a couple, the PDF files are downloadable if you prefer offline learning. 

There are videos for you to watch as well. Some videos are links to our Youtube channel, other Youtube video's are from creators that we follow, we advise to subscribe to our channel as well as the other creators to stay up to date. Some of our videos are in a special format that can just be copied from this area and pasted into the programming software and then uploaded to your GoGoBot.

Homework is additional information and will help you a great deal in understanding what you have learnt. It also helps you to start memorizing many of the training material so that you do not constantly have to go back to previous lessons to recall what you learnt.

In Conclusion: only Jumping around the course will create confusion. We designed this course in such a way that one lesson builds on the next lesson.

Oh, yes, you learn better when having fun

Do not get all serious while doing this course if you can.

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