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DIY light intensity meter (lux meter) project

DIY light intensity meter (lux meter) project https://youtu.be/NUVwctmK39Y This projects will show you how to create a lux meter. Lux is defined as 1 lumen per square meter.  This unit can be used from measuring the human visible light for photographers, distance grow...

Wifi Scale project for Wemos D1 board Part two

Scale project for Wemos D1 part 2- from pallet wood  First, read scale project Part 1 here. Now that we got the scale to work with an Arduino it is time to see how we will get it to work with a Wemos D1 board so that we can view the scale data from a Wifi...

Scale project for Arduino and Wemos D1

Scale project - Arduino and WiFi scale (see part 2 of this tutorial) from pallet wood This scale project is built around the Arduino Uno and part 2 of this tutorial around the Wemos D1 development board. In its basic form, it will display the weight of an object on an...