Meet The Bot Shop Team

We love robotics, but robots we are not. The other day, a customer on our WhatsApp channel asked Jan to speak to a human. We did mock Jan a little bit, but it is also concerning that customers do not know who or "what" is on the other side of business communication channels these days.

Here at Bot Shop, you will always speak to a human, and it will be one of the guys or girls below.

Our technical team will show you how. Our sales team will make your buying experience hassle-free. Our fulfilment team will get your order, well packed, to you super-fast. Our procurement team ensures high stock levels and constantly adds new products to our range.

Kin Le Roux

Spending most of his time steering the company towards our vision of playing a part, big or small, of all awesome electronic creations all over the world. He also keeps our company culture of having fun while learning and creating very alive. 

Dean Le Roux
Operations and finance

Wise businesspeople will tell you that business is all about processes and numbers. Dean is managing these two crucial areas. Dean knows how to work budgets and create system flows and operations that in turn creates uncanny organization and productivity. This means things happen supper fast for you here at Bot Shop.,

Lohan Naude
Technical and product development

Doing our mascot pose for you. The first team member ever employed by Bot Shop. Technical genius and the developer of our GoGoBot educational robot. Being with Bot Shop from the start have the advantage that he not just grew with the company but knows it inside out.

Cindy Le Roux

Content & graphics designer 

Artist at heart, When she is not designing our videos, packaging and image content at work she is drawing and painting at home. Her creations are world class and put smiles on many faces. Her hubby is the CEO (a job all by itself) and they both struggled in the beginning to grow the company. Her part in having this company where it is now cannot be underestimated by a long shot.

 Jackie Naude

Giving her the title of procurement is an understatement. She knows everything about Bot Shop. She started with fulfilment when Bot Shop had a product range of just 100 products. Now she handles and build our range of 2000 products. 

Surita Du Plessis
Team manager

The team of a company is its live blood. There is no business without its people.  Surita not only managing the admin she also builds the team, take care of the team & makes sure they are happy and productive.

Christilien Fouche
Brand building

Christilien, a.k. Heidi is getting the word out that Bot Shop believes that electronic education and creation can and should be fun. She knows how to tell the stories of Bot Shop in the most creative ways. She is witty and give life to Bot Shop. Branding is fast & takes extreme creativity, and she have that "touch" to make it look easy.

Marco van der Merwe

Training creator, trainer & support 

Putting one job hat on Marco is difficult. This dude loves everything about electronics & programming. When we do training, livestreaming or YouTube tutorials, this is the face you will see. You are in good company, his caring nature and excitement is catchy.

Jan Venter
Technical support

Jan has been in the electronics industry his whole career. We will not be surprised if he was born with soldering iron in his one hand and a multimer in the other. There are not many areas in this field he does not have experience in. What makes him so good is that he loves sharing his knowledge. You can ask him anything about our product and how to use them and he will have you sorted in no time.

Charity Ngwaru

Charity is the lady you want to speak to when ordering products or services. She loves her customers and loves to make sure you get everything you need fast. She is only happy once you are happy, she pulls all the stops to make that happen. She knows her products, cares and is adventures, That is why she can make things happen for you that you might thought was to long a shot.

Paul Naude
B2B Sales

He just has a way to understand your business needs and problems. Then comes up with solutions that benefit you and your business. Maybe you need a new product line to sell, buy in bulk (even products we do not stock), supply products for tenders or want changes in packaging, he has your back. Paul is just that kind of guy, he wants to help you succeed and will do all he can to make that happen.

Carla Botha
Marketing and design

Her creativity known no bounds. If you have seen some of our marketing pictures and kids toy manuals the chances are that she created them. She is inspiring and makes our products look good, more useful and easier to understand. She loves creating things that makes our products professional and that will put a smile on your face.