What we stand for, what we do & what it means to you.

Company culture

"Many years ago I walked into a business and immediately felt not welcome, sort of in the way. As I walked out after just a quick look around, the importance of a company's culture hit me square in the face. I finally got what it is all about, - the team sets the mood and IS the personality of a business. Without a single word a customer can pick up on that mood and personality instantly." Kin CEO Bot Shop

Bot Shop's culture is build around FUN & guidance and by doing so we create an exciting environment of easy learning, quick support, confidence creation and big accomplishments for our customers and the Bot Shop team. 

Our vision.

Our vision is short but powerful and in all that we do we are always moving towards our vision. 

To see awesome electronic creations created worldwide where we are playing a role in assisting electronics and robotics creators in building incredible things!

Purpose (why we do it)

Electronics & robotics should not be difficult to get started with, no matter if you are a young kid or much older. 

Our purpose is to make electronics & robotics easy to start with, build confidence to tackle more complicated projects and having fun while building things you never thought you would be able to do. 

Bot Shop Mission.

To create electronics and robotics creators starting from scratch all the way to hero status. Our customers want to build amazing things from day one and we provide exactly that.  

Values (how we do what we do)

  1. The best & fasted way to learn, explore and experiment is by having fun & to keep things exciting.
  2. Guiding customers to their success is the only way we will consider ourselves as being successful.   

The rest

Yes, we are trustworthy, ethical, hard working, comply to government rules and all the rest. We do take these characteristics serious but they should be a given for any business, it does not show uniqueness or what a business is about, they are the simple & basics any business should do. It should be obvious to have this in place and should not even have to be stated. But yea, we know there are businesses that do not comply with these characteristics. Rest assured, no business will do great for more than 10 years, as in our case, if these basics are not followed.