MX1508 SOP-16
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Internal Reference: MX1508 SOP-16

MX1508 SOP-16

This Dual H-bridge motor driver IC can drive two DC motors or a 4-wire two-phase stepper motor. With only 4 extra components to your design. With built-in TSD, you don't have to worry about motor stalling currents. 
Its ultra-small size makes it suitable for driving the N20 Micro Metal Motors with ease. 


Technical Specifications 

  • It is an integrated dual H-bridge motor driver with in-built flyback diodes and capacitors to avoid EMF reverse voltage spikes.
  • The MX1508 module requires a supply voltage of 2V to 10V.
  • The Signal input voltage is 1.8V to 7V.
  • The signal operating current is 1.5Amps.
  • Peak current is up to 2.5Amps.
  • Standby current is low : >0.1micro amps.
  • Quiescent operating current is low.
  • The diameter of the mounting hole is 2mm.
  • The length is 24.7mm.
  • The breadth is 21mm.
  • Height is 5mm.
  • Weight is 2gms.
  • Shipment weight is 0.005kg.
  • Shipment dimensions are 8x6x1cm.
  • Motor Switching frequency: 50Hz.
  • Available in SOP16 package.