The Bot Shop Mojo

The Bot Shop MOJO

Mojo, in case you don't know, has many meanings but comes down to "your magic edge" e.g. "I got my mojo back". 

Meet our mascot Mr Sparkz. He has confidence, loves fun and accomplishes great things. We guided hundreds of creators, to become Mr. Sparkz that now can create awesome electronic & robotic masterpieces. 

We know from our own experience when we started out that electronics & robotics look difficult, confusing or even out of reach. We are living proof that it is not so. 

We are here to guide you to become an electronics creator of note too.

Here is how we do it:

Our strengths

We do more than just selling products. Also:

We support you

We have WhatsApp, email, VOIP phones,  and many other ways we can assist you. Our tech team will show you how. 

We guide you

Follow our free step by step projects, use our knowledge base & our forums to get tips, tricks, knowledge & help.

We educate you

You have access to many free educational videos & courses right here. Don't worry, we keep it fun & exciting, yet very educational. Subscribe to our ridiculously low priced monthly subscription for weekly life streamed topics, advanced courses and insider forums to go full throttle.

Our products & services

You also get:

Unique products.

We now release new unique products nearly every month that you will find nowhere else. All to make you even more competent and educated.

In house production

We produce many of our products in-house and can also do custom products for our B2B customers. 

New technologies.

We keep track of new technologies so you don't have to. As they become available we will tell you about them and create live streams etc. to educate you on them.

Great & robust packaging

You will receive great-looking packaging, but most importantly, the packaging is robust enough to withstand rough handling on its way to you.