Buck Converter 3A

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Power Buck

Internal Reference: MOD-205

Buck Converter 3A

This buck converter or more commonly known as a stepdown module, has the incredible ability to step voltages of up to 22V - 120V down to 8V - 28V, which makes it unique, due to its high voltage input range and its ability to step this high voltage down to lower usable voltage without the need of a second buck converter. This is ideal if you have a 48V or higher voltage battery that you want to use to power a microprocessor such as an Arduino, or to power 12V LED lights. Due to the trim pot on the module, you can accurately adjust the output voltage to match your requirements.

Technical specifications:

 Input voltage 22V - 120V DC
Output voltage 8V - 28V DC
Max current output 3A



In the picture below, the red wire is used as input, the black wire is common ground, and the yellow wire is the positive output terminal.