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Component Prototyping IC

Internal Reference: ETA3000D2I

ETA3000D2I   IC.

 This small, but powerful Inductive Active Cell Balancer IC is used on various battery types to balance their cells in series connections. These battery types include, but are not limited to LIFEPO4, Li-Ion and LIPO. 

  • Inductive, Switching Control Scheme
  • Up to 92% Charger transfer efficiency
  • Accurate Balanced voltages down to 30mV
  • Auto-detect unbalance and auto-balance
  • Low sleeping supply current, 2uA
  • Programmable balancing current up to 2A
  • Precondition balancing current
  • Status Indications
  • Battery Over voltage protection
  • Support small-size inductor
  • ETA3000 is available in one type of package, DFN2x2-8L



Here is a datasheet for the ETA3000 IC.