Worm Gear Motor Product Review: This is what true power looks like.

January 26, 2024 by
Christilien Fouche


As an avid enthusiast in the realm of robotics and automation, I often find myself in search of a motor that strikes the perfect balance between strength, compactness, and versatility. The Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor emerged on my radar, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to put it through its paces. So, let me take you through my firsthand experience with this impressive piece of machinery.

Unveiling the motor: A powerful yet compact design.

The first thing that strikes you about the Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor is its remarkable power-to-size ratio. Despite its diminutive dimensions, this motor is engineered to perform Herculean tasks. It's designed to lift a staggering 70kg when connected to a pulley with a radius of a mere 1cm. The immediate realization that hit me was that this motor could open doors to a plethora of applications, from home automation to industrial processes.

A few applications could include, but are not limited to : 

Spit braai rotator:

Because of this motor's slow rotation speed, high torque and easy mountability makes it an ideal candidate for a spit braai meat rotator.

Automated Window Blinds and Curtains: 

If you've ever wished for a convenient way to open and close your window blinds or curtains with the touch of a button, this motor is the answer. Its exceptional torque and slow rotation speed ensure smooth and precise operation, adding a touch of modern automation to your home.

Small-Scale Lifting Mechanisms:

Whether you're designing a lifting platform for your DIY photography studio or building a miniature crane for a model railroad setup, this motor's robust torque comes in handy. It can effortlessly lift and lower objects, providing dependable motion control.

Conveyor Systems: 

In industrial settings, conveyor systems play a pivotal role in material handling. The Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor excels in driving conveyor belts, ensuring consistent movement and precise positioning. Its slow rotational speed is ideal for applications that require measured, step-by-step transportation of goods.

Gate Automation:

The motor's power and reliability make it an excellent choice for gate automation. Whether it's a residential driveway gate or a commercial security barrier, this motor can handle the task efficiently. Its ability to work under heavy loads ensures smooth gate operation.

Home Brewery Stirring Mechanism: 

Homebrewers know that maintaining an even temperature during the brewing process is crucial. This motor can be used to create a stirring mechanism in your home brewery setup, ensuring that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly while maintaining the desired temperature.

Solar Panel Sun Tracking: 

For solar enthusiasts, precision in sun tracking is vital to maximize energy capture. The motor's torque and low speed can be harnessed for accurate sun tracking systems that ensure solar panels are always aligned with the sun's rays for optimal energy production.

Homemade Lift Systems: 

Whether you're constructing a DIY elevator in your home or building a compact goods lift in a workshop, the motor's exceptional lifting capacity and precise control make it an ideal choice for lift systems, enhancing safety and convenience.

Now let's have a look at the Tech Features of this motor: 

Now, let's dive deeper into the specs that define the Worm Gear Motor:


The standout feature of this motor is undoubtedly its impressive 70kg.cm of torque. This raw power allows it to handle hefty loads with ease. Whether I was looking to lift heavy objects, power automated window blinds, or drive a small-scale conveyor system, this motor proved more than capable.

Voltage: 12V:

The motor's 12V operating voltage is nothing short of a sweet spot. It's a standard voltage that pairs seamlessly with a wide range of power sources, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. I found it incredibly convenient during my integration into various projects.

No Load Current: 40mA:

The motor's no-load current of just 40mA is a testament to its efficiency. During idle periods, this motor doesn't exhibit an insatiable thirst for power, which translates to energy-conscious operation and cost savings.

Load Current: 1.6A:

Under the influence of a normal load, this motor draws a controlled 1.6A of current. This specification is crucial in understanding the power requirements of your projects and helps prevent unexpected overloads.

Stall Current: 6.5A:

In the event that the motor encounters an obstacle or stalls, it exhibits a peak current draw of 6.5A. This figure is vital for safety and assists in properly sizing the motor driver to ensure the system operates smoothly.

Speed: 6RPM:

With a speed of 6 revolutions per minute, this motor is perfectly suited for tasks that require slow and precise motion control. It’s ideal for projects involving the deliberate opening and closing of valves or driving slower-moving conveyor belts.

Versatility and Installation Made Easy:

The Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor's versatility and simplicity of installation are a double bonus. It comes ready to go right out of the box, and the presence of four mounting holes on both the front and back sides ensures a secure and straightforward installation process. Whether you're building a home automation project or working on an industrial application, this motor's adaptability allows you to secure it with confidence.

Final Thoughts: 

After spending quality time with the Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor, I can confidently attest to its impressive performance and versatility. Its substantial torque, compatibility, and precise specifications make it a prime choice for those seeking to elevate their automation projects. From automating household curtains to powering industrial conveyor systems, this motor has consistently proven to be a dependable and adaptable companion on my journey of DIY exploration. It's a top pick for anyone searching for a compact, yet immensely capable, motor to drive their creative projects forward. The Super-Strong Worm Gear Motor is, without a doubt, a robust and reliable contender in the realm of automation and power.

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