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Arduino kits
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Centurion Pretoria
Arduino Workshop

02 September

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Bot shop EL wire how to

Electroluminescent wire - EL wire how to Yes, it looks impressive that is for sure! But it might seem a bit daunting to newcomers...... it is not. There are only a view things you need to know. In the past, you needed to be quite skilled to use lighting to set moods,...

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Our Lithium Battery Charging module review

Lithium Battery Charging module There will come a time that you want to have your project mobile. The easiest way to accomplish that is with batteries and if you want to get a bit fancy, rechargeable Lithium batteries. I am reviewing the lithium Battery Charging...

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Wifi Scale project for Wemos D1 board Part two

Scale project for Wemos D1 part 2- from pallet wood  First, read scale project Part 1 here. Now that we got the scale to work with an Arduino it is time to see how we will get it to work with a Wemos D1 board so that we can view the scale data from a Wifi...

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Comming soon!

We have many things we work on right now. Our main project is to make the documentation for our Arduino kits better

Arduino kits

We will be adding a couple more Arduino kits soon, This will include our robot kit.

In-house developed boards

We have a couple of breakout and module boards already launched and nearing completion. These include our Arduino cheapy board, EL wire sequencer board, robot chassis and hydroponics shield.  The robot chassis is included in our upcoming Arduino kit.

New products

We add new products weekly. Soon you will see a whole range of hydroponic products (we already have water valves, dosing pumps and flow meters on our site) as well as a whole range of EL wire and inverters.