WS2812B RGB led strip 60/m 5vdc
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Component Accessory Light Displays

Internal Reference: WS2812


This is some excellent, high-quality intelligent lighting! These strips manage to get 60 individually addressable LED's in a single meter!

When buying this WS2812B RGB LED STRIP you need to be aware of the power it requires. One of these LED's actually consists of 3 different color LEDs that can by mixing - produce nearly any color imaginable. BUT remember that you actually thus have 60 x 3 LED's per meter, a total of 180 LED's.

Please note these WS2812B RGB LED STRIP 60/M 5VDC are sold per meter. 

Each WS2812 LED with all three colors at full brightness will use 60mA. A meter length will thus be 60 x 60 = 3600mA or 3.6A. Now keep in might that that will be the absolute max with all 3 colors at full brightness, normally colors are made up with 1-3 LEDs on at different brightness and depending on the patterns you create all LEDs are not always all on at the same time. You can thus go lower but to ensure your power supply will not overwork itself 5V@3.5A will work well. A 5m meter rail will work great with a 20A 5V power supply.

WS2812B RGB LED STRIP 60/M 5VDC spec:

    • 60 LEDs per meter
    • Maximum 5V @ 60mA draw per 0.65" strip segment (all LEDs on full brightness)
    • 5VDC power requirement (do not exceed 6VDC) - no polarity protection
    • 1 integrated RGB LEDs per segment, individually controllable
    • Sold in 1m Lengths
    • Each LED is individually addressable, with 8 bits of red, green, and blue data shifted in for 24-bit color
    • Strips up to 5m long, with the option to daisy chain them.

  • Strips can be cut at the _individual LED_ level