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Internal Reference: T-121

1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen

If you're a hobbyist looking to add vivid clarity and detail to your projects, look no further than the 1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen! The HD IPS color screen delivers awesome visuals for your displays, while the ST7789V Driver IC lets you configure and fine-tune your monitor.

The 1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen is a high-quality display module perfect for small-sized projects. It offers superior image quality with a resolution of 135 x 240 pixels and 16-bit RGB color depth. The ST7789 controller IC and 8-bit or 4-wire SPI communication protocols ensure reliable performance, while the wide viewing angle of 160 degrees provides excellent visibility from multiple angles. Suitable for use in many devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and more. Programming the OLED screen is easy, and it can be done using MicroPython or other programming languages.

The OLED 1.14 inch is an RGB graphic display module, 135x240 high-resolution display. This module can work despite the absence of a backlight. In a dark environment, the contrast of OLED1.14inch is higher than LCD displays, which is a crucial application advantage of OLED graphic displays.

The device is  SPI-compatible. It is a durable product as it can withstand the use of long hours. If you are looking for a device with clear visibility, this is perfect. It has outstanding contrast and brightness that will cater to your needs. It can also be used in various applications due to its display capability

Dimensions & Pin Out
1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen
  • GND: power ground
  • VCC: The power supply is 3.3V
  • SCL: SPI clock line
  • SDA: SPI data line
  • RES: display reset pin
  • DC: SPI data/command selection pin
  • CS: SPI data chip select, active low
  • BLK: LCD backlight control, the default can be left floating, low level to turn off the backlight

The above image and text show you the pinouts of the 1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen as well as the dimensions. The text tells you which pin is which and what function the pins are capable of.

1.14 Inch IPS OLED Display Module LCD Screen Specification

  • Model Number: 1.14 inch IPS Oled Display
  • Interface type: 6-wire SPI interface
  • Resolution: 135*240
  • HD IPS color screen
  • Driver IC: ST7789V
  • Working Power Supply: 3.3V
  • Number of pins: 8PIN (the pin is not soldered by default)
  • Display area: 14.864 (H) x 24.912 (V) mm