7pc Screwdriver set

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Tool Handtool Screwdriver

Internal Reference: T-110


Are you a hobbyist looking for the perfect screwdriver set? Look no further than our 7pc Screwdriver Set! Equipped with seven standard tips, this screwdriver set is perfect for all of your fastening and loosening needs.

This precision screwdriver set is perfect for hobbyists who require a tool that can add some precision to their projects. This Screwdriver set will make it easier for you to be able to assemble those projects that have a variety of small screws that hold the project together. This Screwdriver set offers a variety of screwdriver tips that should assist with those small screws. This Screwdriver set also comes with a handy organizer for your tools that you can use as a hanger for storage purposes so that it's out of the way when not in use.

7pc Screwdriver set Specification

  • Size: Standard
  • Category: Hand tools
  • Class: Fastening & Loosening
  • Range: Screwdrivers & Bits
  • Included tips: T6 x 50mm, T7 x 50mm, T8 x 50mm, 1.5mm x 50mm, 2.0mm x 50mm, PH000 x 50mm, Ph00 x 50mm