pH Buffer Powder
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Internal Reference: T-109


pH Buffer Powder is an ideal tool for hobbyists who need accuracy and convenience when testing and regulating pH levels. The easy 3-step procedure on the back of each packet makes setting up pH buffers simple and hassle-free while maintaining a high level of accuracy (±0.01pH).

These pH buffer powders are mainly used to calibrate your pH tester as your pH tester needs to be calibrated before use. Each sachet makes 250ml of buffer solution when dissolved into 250ml of deionized or distilled water.

Each sachet makes 250mL of buffer solution. It provides long shelf life and stability, ideal for low-volume use. It's lightweight, inexpensive, and takes up very little space. These buffers are accurate to within ±0.01pH units @ 25°C and remain stable over long periods of time. Please be sure to put the entire sachet into a 250ml glass of distilled water and stir till the powder is completely dissolved. Don't forget to rinse your pH sensor off with distilled water after you are done calibrating or using it.

PH buffers are usually made up of a combination of a conjugate base and a weak acid that absorbs excess hydrogen atoms to retain a stable pH value in the solution. As such, they work well for calibrating electrochemical potentiometers for pH measurements with a low uncertainty to enhance traceability.

pH Scale in Different Solutions


The pH scale as indicated in the picture above goes from 0 to 14, it has a middle point of 7 which will be neutral 7 normally indicates distilled water or pure water.

Alkaline and Acidic Scale

The above image shows you the 2 sides of the pH spectrum which are Acidic and Alkaline. As the above image indicates 0(Red) will be your most acidic and also on the other side of the spectrum 14(Purple) will be your most alkalic.

pH Buffer Powder Features

  • 3 packs of pH buffer solutions, pH4.00, pH6.86 and pH9.18
  • Simple to use. Just add 250ml per powder packet
  • The powder has an indefinite shelf life
  • An easy 3-step procedure is written at the back of the packet

pH Buffer Powder Specification

  • Each powder packet/sachet makes 250ml of solution (when mixed with distilled or deionized water)
  • Accuracy: ±0.01pH at 25°C