1000V 10A Digital Multimeter Pen- Needle point

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Accessory Measure Tool Multimeter Measurement

Internal Reference: T-105-10A

1000V 10A Digital Multimeter Pen- Needlepoint

Whether you are an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, the 1000V 10A Digital Multimeter Pen- Needle Point is perfect for all your project needs. It has a maximum voltage of 1000V and a current of 10A so that you can perform tasks of any complexity. The pen length is long enough to give you total flexibility when using the multimeter pen.

A multimeter test probe is used with a multimeter the test probes will allow you to be able to measure voltages, amperages, continuity, resistance(Ohms), etc. The testing of the mentioned units will be dependent on your multimeter the test probes are just an extension of the multimeter that will relay the data it measured back to the multimeter and is then displayed by the multimeter onto a display that is readable for you and me.

SMD Component measurement

The above image shows you a small SMD component being measured this should give you a good indication of how small the needlepoint really is. The above image also indicates that the needle point is small enough for you to measure and get accurate readings from the pins of an SMD component.

More Features

The above image gives us more information on the materials that the test probes are made of, the above image also indicates that these are universal test probes thus they should be able to fit into almost any multimeter and work wonderfully.

1000V 10A Digital Multimeter Pen- Needle point Features
  • Easy to read: “+” and “-” Signs near the probes
  • With rubber shell, comfortable to hold in hand
  • Universal multi-connector meter, convenient to use
  • This is one of the useful tools that will bring a lot of convenience to your electronic work.
  • Red: Positive Black: Negative
1000V 10A Digital Multimeter Pen- Needle Point Specification
  • Model: PT1005
  • Cable Material: Rubber
  • Color: as shown in the pictures.
  • Pen length: 12.3mm.
  • Probe length: 15cm.
  • Cable length: 103 cm.
  • Voltage: max. 1000 V.
  • Current: max. 10A