Insulation Tape Red
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Internal Reference: T-104


Introducing Insulation Tape Red, the perfect addition to your toolkit! This tape is thick and durable, with a thickness of 0.2mm, a width of 19mm, and a length of 20m. It has an impressive adhesive strength of 3.51 N/19mm that can hold your work securely, be it on stainless steel plates or other surfaces.

Genuine Nitto brand high-quality electrical tape, keep wires safe and secure. Nitto electrical tape has strong adhesive and the tape itself is very pliable which means it forms easily around lumps and bumps without leaving air pockets that can cause the tape to come loose, making it great for marking outdoor projects, color-coding electronics, tidying wires, and more. Use the bold black tape to easily identify the right cable or hide wire looms in your projects.

How to use Electrical Tape as Insulation

The above video shows you a good and effective method of how to use electrical tape for insulation.

How to use Electrical Tape

We know showing you the above video might seem silly but there are a lot of people who don't know this trick/tip. The above video gives you a short and sweet demonstration of how to use electrical tape to be as effective as it could possibly be.

Technical Specification:

  • Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Width: 19mm
  • Length: 20m
  • Adhesive strength (to stainless steel plate): 3.51 N/19mm
  • Tensile strength:  61.6 N/19mm
  • Elongation: 251%