Heat Shrink with glue dual wall: 6.4mm

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Internal Reference: T-101-6.4-N

Heat Shrink with glue dual wall: 6.4mm

Heat Shrink with glue protects against moisture and corrosive environments while providing electrical insulation and mechanical protection using engineered adhesives. During installation, the adhesive or encapsulant lining melts and flows, creating a moisture-resistant protective barrier.

When heat shrink tubing contains an adhesive lining, the tube contains a layer of adhesive (glue) on the inside of the tube. This layer melts when the heat shrink tubing is heated, which is done in order to shrink the tube.

Heat Shrink with glue can also be used for:

  • It can also be used as a water-tight wire joint for insulation in vehicles, aircraft, and boats
  • It also acts as good insolation over open joints between cables and different wires.
  • Normally used for harnessing wires.
  • To prevent water, dust, etc. from moving into splices
  • It offers enhanced longevity and is often used to manufacture robust and long-lasting labels for applications in networking patch cords