Self-Soldering Heat Shrink Red 0.5-1.5mm² SST-S21 IP67 (5 pack)
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Internal Reference: T-058-N

Self-Soldering Heat Shrink Red 0.25-0.34mm² SST-S11 IP67(5 pack)

Self-Soldering Heat Shrink White 0.25-0.34mm² SST-S11 IP67 provides superior electrical current flow and tensile strength. The Self-Soldering heat shrink is simply a cylindrical heat shrink with one crimp on each end. These heat shrinks are manufactured with heat-shrinking ends that contract around the wire when exposed to heat, leading to a better water-tight seal between the wire and the heat shrink.

Self-Soldering Heat Shrink Red 0.25-0.34mm² SST-S11 IP67 Specification:

  • 12-10 AWG  heat shrink connectors, An easy one-step connection of wires, soldered, insulated, and sealed
  • Can be ideal for use in marine and automobile applications
  • Polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive on the inside
  • Solder and seal with advanced waterproof function
  • Polyolefin heat shrink butt connectors improved pullout strength, provide a seal, strain relief, cable check, and insulation