180W Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester

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Internal Reference: T-046


180W Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester

Test voltage:

Working current:


DL24P Discharge power:

voltage * current < 180 W

With the built-in over-current, over-temperature, and over-power safety protection functions. If the protection interface has popped up, please pay attention to the parameter adjustments. The parameters should be adjusted to the maximum power, and then discharged. You can first slowly and smoothly adjust the preset value in the start-up menu, to be able to adjust up to the maximum power for discharging.


For testing, DC-DC Converters or Battery Loads, this instrument would be used to provide a programmable load when testing voltage and current sources. Modern electronic loads are actually sophisticated electronic test instruments that can offer a number of different modes, including Constant Current (CC) mode, Constant Resistance (CR) mode, Constant Voltage (CV) mode, and Constant Power (CP) mode.

CC Mode

In Constant Current (CC) mode, the load will sink to a current equal to the programmed current setting regardless of the input voltage, up to the maximum current rating of the load. You might use the constant current mode to ensure that your power supply can output the maximum specified current under all conditions.

CR Mode

In Constant Resistance (CR) mode, the electronic load will act like a fixed resistor. It senses the voltage at its input and sinks to a current linearly proportional to the input voltage. You might use the constant resistance mode to test the capacity of batteries. Constant resistance mode is also most often used to measure the start-up conditions of electronic devices.

CV Mode

In Constant Voltage mode, the load will attempt to sink enough current to maintain the programmed voltage setting at its input terminals. Of course, there are some limitations on how much current the load is able to sink.

CP Mode

In Constant Power (CP) mode, the load will attempt to sink whatever load power is programmed. It senses the voltage at the input, calculates the appropriate current, and then attempts to sink that amount of current. You might use this feature to ensure that your power source is able to supply the specified output power over the entire output voltage range of the source.

A very similar curve is the power contour of the electronic load. In practice, the power contour curve of an electronic load shows how much current that a load can sink at various voltages when programmed to its maximum power level. The figure below shows the power contour for a Sorensen SLM 60-60-300 Electronic Load. It has a maximum input voltage of 60 VDC, a maximum input current of 60 A, and a maximum power capability of 300 W.