150W 10A Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester

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Internal Reference: T-032

150W 10A Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester

Are you a hobbyist looking for an adjustable constant current electronic load battery tester powerful enough to handle all your projects? Look no further, as the 150W 10A Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester is here to meet all of your power needs. 

This is the third generation 150W tester and become significantly more user-friendly! We have tested this for a while and were amazed right away. And it's not that it's a color display but that it's much easier to set the low voltage cutoff! This also allows you to use the machine to discharge batteries to the desired voltage for long-term storage etc!

Otherwise, it has the same functions as the previous one but you set it with buttons instead of a potentiometer so you can measure more accurately. You also need to press start, which prevents inrush current if you forget to turn down the potential meters to zero before plugging in the battery.

Battery testers are designed to test the remaining capacity of a battery's charge. They work by applying a load and monitoring the voltage response of the battery. With this, the tester can identify how much power is left. If a battery has a charge, the ink heats up as the current passes.

Interface Introduction

The above image shows us how the interface looks and also shows us some of the measurement features of the 150W 10A Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester.


  • Screen and interface
  • inch LCM Screen, STN (yellow-green mode), displays more content, large font, transparent and not hurting eyes
  • 10 regular interfaces + 4 over-limit alarm interfaces
  • English display + 1 Chinese display (included in 10 regular displays)
  • Test input interface: Rich input interface to meet different input requirements
  • 20A high current occlusion screw column, Type A USB, Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C, 5.5*2.1mm male Connector
  • 3. 3.7-inch fan Integrated heat sink, ABS base, with self-locking screw, firm and durable
  • Silent fan 22±3dBA, bearing fan, continuous operation for more than 40,000 hours
  • Intelligent temperature control, automatic start and stop, automatic start at temperatures over 40 °C
  • 12*12mm light touch button Comfortable and lightweight 100,000 lifespans, one button, multiple controls,
  • 270°±5° large angle adjustable knob resistance, double knob combination, easy to adjust and sensitive, fast response
  • M3 copper and copper columns, the module is solid and firm
  • Double-layer design, simple and elegant appearance
  • Overrun protection: Voltage, current, power over-limit automatic stop input, sound + interface double alarm prompt, protection module, and tested power supply, to avoid damage
  • Low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, current over-limit protection, power over-limit protection
  • Equipped with AC100V~240V to 12V power supply, Chinese and English manual, universal
  • EVA lining, with easy-to-carry carton, sturdy and beautiful, cushioning and rolling
  • Application range: A general test of various power supplies, adapters, data lines, etc.

Note that only high-current occlusal screw posts support up to 10A input, other ports do not support

Mode Button Function Description

  • Click to switch each display interface
  • The function of the button operation in the 2-4 interface is as follows: Long press all records to clear; Double-click capacity (Ah) to reset to zero; Three-stroke power (Wh) reset to zero; Four-stroke power (00:00:00) reset to zero; Consecutive seven hits at no load, making the current zero accurate in the current temperature environment. Calibration is zeroed for accurate measurement at low currents; Factory reset all parameters.
  • The operation functions of the buttons under interfaces 6, 7, 9, 11, and 13 are as follows: Double-click the parameter value to increase, double-click and long-press the parameter to continue to increase; The value of the three-stroke parameter is reduced, and the length of the three-stroke is continued to decrease.

150W 10A Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester Specification

  • Power Voltage: DC 6~12V
  • Interface: DC 5.0V
  • Voltage measure range:0~150V Accuracy:0.05V
  • Current adjustable range:0~10A Accuracy:0.05A
  • Capacity range:0~999.999Ah  Accuracy:0.001Ah
  • Cumulative range:0~99999.9Wh Accuracy:0.01Wh
  • Measure range:0~2999.9W Accuracy:0.01W
  • Impedance range:0~999.9Ω Accuracy:0.01Ω
  • Temperature range:0~99??Accuracy:1??nbsp;
  • Max timing: 999:59:59  Accuracy:1s
  • Fan cooling power:<150W
  • Fan control threshold: Temp>40
  • Standby reminder threshold:<2W/0.5h
  • Timing function:>0.5W start timing
  • Input interface: 20A high current occlusion screw column, type A USB, Mini USB, Micro USB, Type-C USB
  • Refresh time:>500ms/time
  • Measurement rate: 0.5time/s
  • Over limit alarm: interface warning and buzzer alarm
  • Voltage overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~150V
  • Current overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~10A
  • Power overrun auto- stops discharge range:0~150W
  • Display screen: LCM display
  • Size:149×96×80mm/195×105×135mm
  • Consumption:<1.5A
  • Operating temp:-10~60
  • Operating  humidity:10~80