Micro PCB drill set

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Prototype Electronic Tool

Internal Reference: T-003

Micro PCB drill set.

Introducing our new Micro PCB drill set! This 10-piece set is perfect for hobbyists who want to work on projects such as PCB, SMT, CNC board, plastic, copper, and stainless steel precision metal parts. Our micro drills provide an impressive cutting diameter of 0.3mm - 1.2mm and a cutting length of 18mm.

PCB drill bits are used with power tools to remove material and create holes. PCB drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials.

This 10 pcs drill bit set works perfectly for drilling PCBs but also can be used on many other materials. If you etch your own boards you will need to drill holes for your through-hole components, these Micro drill bits are perfect for this purpose as they are small and will be perfect for drilling small holes for your through-hole components.

Diameters of drills in set

How to use PCB Drill Bits

Micro Drill Bit Set

The above-linked video will show you how to use the PCB drill set for a PCB and it will also show you that there are a lot of different sizes of PCB drill sets and that the one we have is mainly used for drilling small holes in a PCB board.

Drill bit set

The above video is just to illustrate the different sizes of the PCB drill set, please keep in mind that our PCB drill set only goes up to 1.2mm. The above video also gives a bit more information on the PCB drill set that could be useful to you.

Technical Specification




Tungsten Carbide

Cutting diameter


Cutting length


Total length


Shank diameter


Range of processing

PCB, SMT, CNC board, mold, plastic, copper, stainless steel, and other precision metal parts processing.


Use high-quality materials and a fine grinding process to create a sharp cutting edge, and reduce cutting force and broken drill.