Grove - High Precision Barometer Sensor (DPS310)
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Internal Reference: SS-028

Introducing the Grove - High Precision Barometer Sensor (DPS310) - the tool hobbyist needs for all their pressure and temperature measurements! This lightweight sensor is packed with features, including a high-pressure precision of ±0.002 hPa (or ±0.02 m) and accuracy of ± 0.06 hPa (or ±0.5 m)-Relative; ± 1 hPa (or ±8 m)-Absolute. The wide range of pressure 300 –1200 hPa and temperature -40–85°C means it can be used in a variety of applications.


As shown in the figure below, when the height changes in centimeter-level, the barometer reading inside the mobile phone has almost no change, and the output of the Grove DSP310 changes significantly.


What is called "high precision"? That is high precision!!!


The Grove - High Precision Barometric Pressure Sensor is based on Infineon's latest DPS310. The DPS310 is a miniaturized Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor with high accuracy and low current consumption, capable of measuring both pressure and temperature. The pressure measurement range of this sensor is 300 -1200 hPa, and the temperature measurement range is -40-85 ° C. Therefore you can use it to measure the air pressure, altitude, and temperature, and build your own Arduino barometer.


This sensor is not only highly accurate but also extremely easy to use. You can flexibly choose the onboard Grove IIC interface or 6-pin SPI interface. When it comes to Grove IIC port, you can just plug it into the Seeeduino or Arduino+baseshiled, no wiring, no soldering required, and works for both 3.3V/5V systems. All in all, it's a time and money-saving high-precision Arduino barometric pressure sensor solution, don't miss it.

Hardware Overview



  • High pressure precision: ± 0.002 hPa (or ±0.02 m)
  • High pressure accuracy: ± 0.06 hPa (or ±0.5 m)-Relative; ± 1 hPa (or ±8 m)-Absolute
  • Wide range: Pressure: 300 –1200 hPa; Temperature: -40 – 85 °C.
  • Low power consumption: 1.7 µA for Pressure Measurement, 1.5uA for Temperature measurement @1Hz sampling rate, Standby: 0.5 µA.
  • Grove unified socket: The sensor ensures "Plug and Play" and could be versatile for various applications




  • Indoor Navigation (floor detection e.g. in shopping malls and parking garages)
  • Health and Sports (accurate elevation gain and vertical speed)
  • Outdoor Navigation (GPS start-up time and accuracy improvement, dead-reckoning e.g. in tunnels)
  • Weather Station('Micro-weather' and local forecasts)
  • Drones (flight stability and height control)