Grove - Digital PIR Motion Sensor
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Sensors Module

Internal Reference: SS-025

Introducing Grove - Digital PIR Motion Sensor: the perfect tool for hobbyists looking to add high-tech motion sensing capabilities to their projects. A quick response time of less than one second and a wide detection range of 3.2m-12m mean this product is ideal for motion sensors, motion detectors, security alarm systems, and human detection system applications.

This Grove Digital PIR Sensor for only $4.3 can detect a wide range of up to 12m, and provide a quick and intuitive response with only ‘high’ and ‘low’ digital signals.

What is a PIR Sensor?

A passive infrared sensor is an electronic sensor that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors. PIR sensors are commonly used in security alarms and automatic lighting applications.

What does a PIR sensor detect?

PIR sensors are also known as PID or Passive Infrared Detectors. Thus, the PIR sensor can detect infrared radiation that is emitted by particles.

How does PIR Sensor work?

The PIR Sensor has 2 slots, and the slots are made of sensitive material. When the sensor is inactive, then the two slots will sense the same amount of IR. The ambient amount radiates from the outdoors, walls or room, etc.

When a human body or any animal passes by, it intercepts the first slot of the PIR sensor. This causes a positive differential change between the two bisects. But when the body leaves the sensing area, the sensor generates a negative differential change between the two bisects.


  • Motion Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Security Alarm System
  • Human Detection System


  • Quick response: detect motion and output with only ‘high’ and ‘low’ digital signals less than 1s
  • Wide detection range: 3.2m-12m
  • Easy to use: Grove-compatible interface and supports both Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms
  • Grove unified socket: The product ensures "Plug and Play" and could be versatile for various applications of Grove


BS312 Datasheet

  • Voltage range: 3-5V
  • Range: 3.2m-12m
  • Response time: < 1s
  • Working temp: -20-85 C
  • Interface: Digital
  • Dimensions: 20mm * 20mm * 11.5mm
  • Weight: 3g