24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module Lite

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Internal Reference: SS-006


24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module Lite

Are you a hobbyist looking for the latest technological advancements to automate your home or office? Look no further than the 24GHz Mm-Wave Sensor Human Static Presence Module Lite! This sophisticated module is perfect for creating the automated environment of your dreams. 

24GHz mmWave Sensor - Human Static Presence Module Lite is an antenna-integrated, high-sensitivity mm-wave radar sensor that is based on the FMCW principle. It is user-friendly by providing visual debugging and configuration tools. It can flexibly adapt to various scenarios as multiple underlying parameters is configurable. With Arduino support, it is an easy-to-use and cost-effective choice for various human presence-detecting applications.

This radar assembles multiple functions in one device which are customizable with your own definitions.

It can detect human presence and absence, the motion and the direction of motion, object speed, and detected distance. Meanwhile, it provides the open custom function by offering adjustable underlying parameters for you to adjust detected range, sensing sensitivity, trigger threshold, valid time for states changing, and installation environment.

There is also an underlying open function provided and the parameters from it are the statics noise of the environment, the detection range of presence, motion noise of the environment, the detection range of object moving, and the detection speed of an object moving. That is, you can utilize its performance to build your own object movement detection radars, to meet the different needs in various scenarios.


What are FMCW's advantages?

Based on the principle of millimeter wave radar and FMCW ranging technology, the radar only needs to calculate the high-frequency continuous waves emitted to and received from the objects, without any privacy risks. Designed with a low power output, the radar maintains a health-friendly working status when it is observed. Thanks to its high immunity against interferences, the output data is less vulnerable to environmental influences like temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc.

To know more basic features of FMCW radar, its working principle, and the advantages of FMCW sensors compared to other radar technologies, check this article: What is mmWave Radar? : Everything You Need to Know About FMCW


Most Amazing Part: Visual debugging and configuration tools

The hardware design of it is scalable and supports secondary development based on related upper computer software(Windows) and Arduino. It can be even amazed that the radar can be upgraded by OTA(over-the-air) programming method as the board can be upgraded locally. Combined with its multiple customizable functions, this radar is an ideal motion-sensing solution in times of devices getting smarter. It presents a range of functional configurations that can be developed for realizing various application requirements.

Upper Computer Software

There is an upper computer software related to this radar, published for real-time acquisition and visualization of radar data, that displays sensing parameters through real-time waveform images which makes data monitoring more intuitive and clear. Meanwhile, it offers a series of actionable items generated by serial command protocols. Both of them help to increase development efficiency.


  • Based on the FMCW principle: highly sensitive and immune to environmental interferences
  • Visual debugging and configuration tools: straightforward and simple to use while keeping the data clearly presented
  • More parameter modulation options: multiple configurable underlying parameter settings to meet the different needs in various scenarios
  • Compatible with Arduino Library: adopts UART and provides Arduino library support
  • Home Assistant Ready: wiki to walk you through how to integrate it with Home Assistant


  • Automatically outdoor lighting
  • Automaed door opening
  • Whole house monitor
  • Intelligent home appliances (TV, bath bully, security, etc.)
  • Office energy (air conditioning, lighting)
  • Sleep monitoring curve
  • Home security
  • IPC trigger


User Manual and User Protocol


Upper Computer Software

Quick Setup Template


  • Operating voltage (VCC): 4.5V min/ 5V mid/ 6V max
  • Operating current (ICC): 95mA min/ 110mA mid/ 120mA max
  • Operating I\O Input/output current(IIO): 8mA mid/ 20mA max
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ min/ +85℃ max
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ min/ +85℃ max
  • Buad Rate: 115200
  • Size: 35mmx30mmx9mm

Detect Angle and Range

  • Motion detection range: 5 Meters(Max)
  • Stationary/micro movements detection range: 4 Meters(Max)
  • Detection range in the case of sleep: 3 Meters(default)/ 3.5 Meters(Max)
  • Radar detection angle (horizontal): 90° Degrees
  • Radar detection angle (pitch): 60° Degrees

RF Performance

  • Operating frequency: 24.0 GHz(Min)/ 24.25GHz(Max)
  • Transmitted power: 6dBm(Typical)/ 8dBm(Max)
  • Antenna gain: 10dBi
  • horizontal beam (3dB): 100° degree
  • vertical beam (3dB): 80° degree
  • Transmitted power: 6dBm(Typical)/ 8dBm(Max)
  • Antenna gain: 10dBi
  • horizontal beam (3dB): 100° degree
  • vertical beam (3dB): 80° degree