Tang Primer 20K Dock Kit

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Development Module MCU New Arrivals CPU AI

Internal Reference: SIP-007

Tang Primer 20K Dock Kit

Introducing the Tang Primer 20K Dock Kit – the ultimate product for tech-savvy hobbyists wanting to build their own projects! This complete kit provides everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can explore new possibilities, flex your creative skills, and have fun in the process.

Tang Primer 20K is a core board with a DDR3 sodimm shape based on GW2A-LV18PG256C8/I7 as the main chip, with 2 ext-boards prepared, the Dock and the Lite.

Its logic units can not only be used for various complex logic circuit designing but also used for running a complete PicoRV softcore. It also meets various needs of users, such as learning FPGA, verifying softcore, and further design.

GOWIN’s Arora family of FPGA ICs offer a ‘best-in-class’ performance/cost ratio making it the ideal choice for compute-intensive consumer, industrial, automotive, and test equipment applications. These mid-density SRAM-based FPGAs offer optimized LUTs, DSPs, BSRAM, and serialized I/O for real-time SoC, co-processing, and signal-processing development.

Tang Primer 20K Pin Out

The above image gives you a few of the Tang Primers pinouts and also gives you a better idea of what is broken out on the Docking board for the Tang Primer.

More Information


The above image gives you a quick introduction to the Tang Primer and also a better understanding of how it works.

I/O Pins

The above image shows you how many I/O pins are routed out onto the Docking board of the Tang Primer. As the above image indicates it is all routed out into Double row male header pins so that the users can easily access those pinouts.

Tang Primer 20K Dock Kit Specification

  • FPGA Chip: GW2A-LV18PG256C8/I7
  • Logic units(LUT4): 20736
  • Flip-Flop(FF):15552
  • Shadow SRAM S-SRAM(bits): 41472
  • Block SRAM B-SRAM(bits): 828K
  • Number of B-SRAM: 46
  • 18x18 Multiplier: 48
  • PLLs: 4
  • I/O Bank: 8
  • Memory: 128M DDR3, 13Row x 10Col x 8banks x 16bits
  • Flash: 32Mbits NOR Flash, W25Q32JVS
  • Debugger: Jtag + Uart, JST SH1.0 8Pins connector
  • SD card slot: 1, Push-pull type
  • Display: 8Pins spi lcd connector
  • Package: 204P DDR3
  • Available IO: 117