Maix Amigo+Handle
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Maix Amigo+Handle

Sipeed Maix Amigo Development Kit is an all-in-one programmable AIoT development platform that is used for AI and IoT learning. This development kit features an RV64GC RISC-V 64-bit 400MHz dual-core high-performance processor, 8M on-chip SRAM, and 16MiB FLASH storage.
It has a variety of hardware acceleration units such as KPU, FPU, FFT, etc. and the total computing power can be up to 1TOPS, which can conveniently realize machine vision/hearing algorithms of various application scenarios, and can also perform pre-processing work of voice scanning and voice data output. Users can use Maix Amigo to easily build a face recognition access control system

What is MaixPy?

The software for Maix Amigo is equipped with MaixPy by default, and users can easily use MicroPython syntax to quickly get started with AloT development, and develop rich Al applications such as image recognition, face recognition, object recognition, and object classification.

MaixPy is a project of porting Micropython to an RV64GC chip that is, users can finally control the function of the RV64GC chip through Micropython programming. For example, you can directly call the facial recognition algorithm built into the firmware through Micropython programming, and finally generate a Micropython file, which can be downloaded to the Flash chip, and run on it.

In addition, MaixPy supports the normal operation of MCU and integrates machine vision and microphone arrays to rapidly develop intelligent applications in the field of AIoT with extremely low cost and practicality.

What is the Development Environment on Maix Amigo?

By default, the development board has burned MaixPy firmware (the firmware source code is open source and can be downloaded from Github). MaixPy has developed a variety of functional libraries that developers can call directly. Maix series products use Maix IDE developed by the Sipeed team.

The software is free of installation. After downloading, you can directly use MaixPy to use the Micropython script syntax. Developers can edit the script on the computer and upload it to the development board to execute the script directly on the development board. The IDE can view camera images in real-time and save files to the development board, which is very convenient for development.

In addition to MaixPyIDE, developers can also use ArduinoIDE, PIatformIO IDE, and other environments for development, please refer to our technical information for details.

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  • All-in-one platform with rich peripherals
  • RV64GC RISC-V 64-bit dual-Core CPU for powerful AI applications
  • Computing power up to 1TOPS with dual cameras for heavy machine vision applications
  • Built-in FPU, KPU, and FFT hardware acceleration units
  • Built-in APU for high-quality audio processing
  • 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen for better user interaction
  • Supports SPMOD and Grove modules to expand the projects


  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Face recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Game simulation

Maix Amigo+Handle Specification

  • CPU: RV64GC RISC-V Dual-Core 64-bit with FPU
  • CPU Frequency: 400MHz(can be overclocked to 500MHz)
  • SRAM: Built-in 8MiB
  • Storage: 16MiB Flash, support Micro-SD (up to 128GB)
  • Display: 3.5'' TFT Capacitive Touch Screen, 320*480
  • Camera: Front Camera: GC0328, 0.3M, 30fpsRear Camera: OV7740, 0.3M, 60fps
  • Speech recognition: Offline speech recognition, sound field imaging (6+1mic)
  • Network model: Support MobileNetV1/V2, TinyYOLOv2, face recognition, ASR, etc.
  • Deep learning framework: Support TensorFlow lite (recommended), ONNX, paddle model conversion
  • Peripherals: FPIOA, UART, GPIO, SPI, 12C, 12S, TIMER
  • Hardware acceleration unit: KPU (convolution operation accelerator)FPU (Floating Point Accelerator)APU (Audio Processor)FFT (Fourier transform accelerator)
  • Onboard resources: 3.5 inch TFT screen reset button * 1Function button * 3Front and rear camera * 2LED * 3Acceleration sensor * 1
  • Onboard interface: USB Type-C interface audio interface (support external speakers)TF card slotGrove standard interface SP-MOD interface (support SP-MOD interface module)
  • Dimensions: 104.3*63.3*16.5mm
  • Power supply: USB-type C or internal lithium battery (520mAh)

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