3.3V microbit Expansion Board Educational Shield

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CPU Development

Internal Reference: SH-010


3.3V micro bit Expansion Board Educational Shield

This is a low-cost expansion board for micro-bit, which is specifically used for the IO ports of micro-bit. It has expanded all the IO pins on the micro: bit, and also comes with a built-in buzzer. The small size is very suitable for small projects using micro: bit.

Note: This GPIO Expansion board works with both micro-bit V1 and micro-bit V2.

  • Works with both the micro: bit V1 and micro: bit V2
  • IO expansion board for micro: bit
  • Small size, very suitable for DIY
  • All IO ports are break-out
  • On-board buzzer-you can directly use the music module in MakeCode to play music.
  • Two LEGO-compatible pin holes for easy assembly and integration
  • The 3PIN interface is distinguished by yellow (IO pins), red (3.3V), and black (GND). It is created so that plugging it in the wrong way is difficult, and it is convenient to plug in the sensors.
  • Dimensions: 37mm x 57mm
  • PCB board thickness: 1.6mm