Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 expansion board
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Sensors Module

Internal Reference: SH-009

Sensor Shield For Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (expansion board)

The Sensor Shield for Arduino MEGA is a fantastic little board to put on your Arduino Mega 2560 that vastly upgrades the functionality of projects by allowing for more than enough space to fit a whole range of different sensors. It offers enough space for up to 70 Inputs and Outputs, with 16 being analog and 54 digital.

The shield is simple to use, even for Arduino hobbyists who are still learning the ropes, with plug-and-play capabilities. This is substantially easier, as you would usually have to learn how to add circuits to Arduino Boards.

In addition to sensors, this shield can also support various modules like Servo Motors, relays, Buttons, Switches, and much more. This ensures that you can use the Sensor Shield for a wide range of different projects. You can simply move it from project to project if necessary thanks to the plug and play compatibility.