GY-346 ADXL346 Sensor Module
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Internal Reference: SEN-061

GY-346 ADXL346 Sensor Module.

It measures the use of static gravity acceleration in tilt sensing applications, as well as the acceleration of dynamic acceleration motion or vibration caused by its high resolution (4mg / LSB) can be measured if tilt change is less than 1 degree of inclination.
Some special induction functions are provided. Comparisons are made for the presence or absence of motion acceleration such as the presence or absence of remote sensing probe activities and the g values for the user to compare with any axial acceleration. Click sensing to detect in single, double click any direction. Free fall sensor, if the device is falling down.

ADXL346 built in the directional detection capability of concurrent four, six position detection, and the user can use the selected interrupt notification controller. These features can be mapped individually to the following two interrupt output pins. An integrated, patent-pending memory management system, 32 first in first out (FIFO) buffer, which can be used to store data, minimize the host processor activity and reduce the overall system power consumption.
The low power mode enables intelligent motion power management with threshold detection and active acceleration measurements at very low power consumption.

GY-346 ADXL346 Sensor Module Specification:

  • Number of Axes—3
  • Sensitivity—up to 256 LSB g
  • Output Type—Digital
  • Typical Bandwidth (kHz)—1.6kHz
  • Supply Current —145μA

GY-346 ADXL346 Sensor Module Features:

  • Ultralow power: as low as 23 μA
  • Freefall Detection
  • Single tap/ double tap detection
  • Activity /inactivity monitoring
  • Flexible interrupt modes are mappable to either interrupt pin