MQ-2 Gas sensor
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Sensors Module

Internal Reference: SEN-055

MQ-2 Gas sensor

The MQ2 sensor is one of the most widely used in the MQ sensor series. It is a MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor. Metal oxide sensors are called Chemiresistors because sensing is based on the change in resistance of the sensing material when exposed to gasses.

Sensitive to LPG, propane, and hydrogen. Output voltage boosts along with the concentration of the measured gases increases. Fast response and recovery. Features boost circuit. Adjustable sensitivity. Signal output indicator.

  • Dimension: 32 x 22 x 27mm (L x W x H)
  • The main chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas sensor
  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)
  • TTL output valid signal is low level. (When the output low-level signal light can be directly connected microcontroller)
  • Analog output: 0 ~ 5V voltage, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage.