RCWL-0516 microwave sensor module - radar

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Sensors Module

Internal Reference: SEN-038

RCWL-0516 microwave sensor module - radar.

Working voltage: 4 - 28V. It provides a convenient 3.3V output to drive a microcontroller.

The forward side of the microwave sensor module is the side with the components. This side should face the objects being detected. Do not obstruct the forward side with anything metallic. The back side should have a clearance of more than 1cm from any metal.

Microwave sensor module specification:

1.Operating Voltage:4-28V
2.Operating Current:2.8mA (typical);3mA (max)
3.Detection Distance:5-9m
4.Transmitting Power:20mW (typical);30mW (max)
5.Output Voltage:3.2-3.4V
6.Output Voltage Driving Capacity:100mA
7.Trigger Way: repeat trigger
8.Output Control Low Level:0V
9.Output Control High Level:3.3V

Board header

Pin Function
3V3 3.3V regulated output.
GND Ground
OUT Trigger: high (3.3V) if motion detected. 0V normally.
VIN 4 - 28V supply voltage
CDS light sensor related.

Adjustment components

On the back of the board (the side without components) are pads for 3 optional components (0805 dimensions).


Regulate the repeat trigger time. The default (unpopulated) time is 2s. An SMD capacitor to extend the repeat trigger time. Pin 3 of the IC emits a frequency (f), and the trigger time in seconds is given by (1/f) * 32678


The default detection range is 7m, adding a 1M resistor reduces it to 5m


the VCC is in parallel connection with CDS(RCWL-9196 pin 9) through R-CDS. Connect the LDR at the R-CDS to turn off the detecting function at night.