Infrared motion sensor module
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Sensors Module

Internal Reference: SEN-033

Infrared motion sensor module.

A passive infrared motion sensor is a security device that detects motion by looking out for the presence of infrared energy. This type of motion detector is very popular, and these devices make for an excellent addition to any security setup.

The module will output high when it detects the movement of the human or animal, otherwise, it will output low (0V). It can be placed on any digital pin to monitor the voltage from this sensor.

Infrared motion sensor module

Infrared motion sensor module Specification:

  • Photosensitive control setting to control the sensitivity of the sensor.
  • Temperature compensation: In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ~ 32 ℃, a slightly shorter detection range, temperature compensation can be used as a performance compensation.
  • Duel trigger mode: (can be selected by jumpers) to set a delay after trigger to avoid continuous triggers to save on battery life etc. Can also be set in "test mode" so the sensor is not having any delays.
  • Type: Digital
  • Supply Voltage: 4~12V(Recommended continuous 5V)
  • Inactive (Sleep mode) Current: 50μA
  • Active Current(Max): 65mA
  • Working temperature: 0℃~+70℃
  • Output level(HIGH): 4V
  • Output level(LOW): 0.4V
  • Detect angle: 110 Degree
  • Detect distance: 7 meters
  • Size: 32mm×24mm
  • Weight: 25g