Guva-S12SD Sunlight intensity uv sensor
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Internal Reference: SEN-016

Guva-S12SD Sunlight intensity uv sensor

Extend your light-sensing spectrum with this analog UV sensor module. It uses a UV photodiode, which can detect the 240-370nm range of light (which covers UVB and most of UVA spectrum). The signal level from the photodiode is very small, in the nano-ampere level, that is the reason why it has an LM358 op-amp added to the circuit.

The GUVA-S12SD UV Sensor chip is suitable for detecting the UV radiation in sunlight. It can be used in any application where you want to monitor the amount of UV light and is simple to connect to any microcontroller.

The module, with a typical UV detection wavelength of 2400 - 370nm, outputs a calibrated analog voltage which varies with the UV light intensity.

  • Size Small: 11mm × 27mm
  • Low power consumption: 2.5V ~ 5V supply voltage, the current working Microampere is level
  • Good linearity
  • High sensitivity
  • High stability
  • Detection range: 240nm-370Nm
  • Large angle: degrees 130
  • Schottky type of photodiode, suitable for photoelectric mode

Application Typical:

  • Ultraviolet testers
  • UV watches
  • outdoor sports equipment
  • mobile phones