10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100

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Sensors Module Electronics

Internal Reference: SEN-008

10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100

This is a Microwave moving object detector that is designed by the Doppler Radar principle. It is mainly used in automatic door control, safety guard systems, automatic video control systems, etc. This module uses a 10.525 GHz band to detect movement.

This HB100 microwave sensor is easy to use because it can be connected directly to a microcontroller. A "bare" HB100 sensor requires an amplifier to amplify the signal and this module has it built-in already. It is ideal to be used with a microcontroller because no other external components are required.

The microwave motion sensor is a microwave-moving object detector designed using the Doppler radar principle. Unlike ordinary infrared detectors, microwave sensors detect the motion of an object by detecting microwaves reflected from the object. The detection will not be limited to the human body.

The 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100 is not affected by the ambient temperature, has a long detection range and high sensitivity, and is widely used in industrial, transportation, and civil devices such as vehicle speed, automatic doors, sensor lights, parking sensors, and even burglar alarm sensors.

Simple Wiring Diagram

The above image is a simple wiring diagram that shows you how to connect the 10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100 to an Arduino Uno. Please note that this wiring diagram does need the correct corresponding code for it to be able to operate correctly.

10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100 Specification

  • Working voltage: 5V±0.25V
  • Operating Current (CW): 60mA max., 37mA typical
  • Size: 61.2 x 61.2mm
10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100 Emission parameters
  • Detection Distance: 2-16m continuously adjustable (minimum 2m, maximum 16m)
  • Transmission Frequency: 10.525 GHz
  • Frequency Setting Accuracy: 3MHz
  • Output power (minimum): 13dBm EIRP
  • Harmonic emission:<-10dBm
  • Average current (5%DC): 2mA typ.
  • Pulse width (Min.): 5uSecDuty cycle (Min.): 1%
10.525GHz Microwave Radar Sensor HB100 Receive Parameters
  • Sensitivity (10dB S/N ratio) 3Hz to 80Hz Bandwidth: -86dBm
  • 10.3Hz to 80Hz Bandwidth Clutter 10uV
  • Antenna gain: 8dBi
  • Vertical 3dB beam width: 36 degrees
  • Water level 3dB Beamwidth: 72 degrees