Universal Qi Wireless Receiver Module

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Internal Reference: PWR-066

Universal Qi Wireless Receiver Module

Most modern smart phones have the ability to charge wirelessly. This universal QUI wireless receiver module is the modules that makes this wireless charging possible. It makes charging your phone much easier and more convenient since you can easily take your phone off the charger to check something and put it back on the charger without having unplug any cables or plug any cables into your phone.

With all this said, these wireless chargers will not only make your life more convenient, but it also makes it easier of you need to react quickly and grab your phone to go somewhere. Due to its size and weight, it is also easy to use this wireless charger when you have to travel around, and you only have limited space.

Technical specifications:

Output voltage


Output current


Back panel dimensions

48 x 32 x 0.5mm

Chip dimensions

19 x 12 x 1.3mm

Coil dimensions

40 x 29mm