CCTV Power supply 30A
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CCTV Power supply 30A

 Are you a hobbyist looking to upgrade your security setup? Look no further than the CCTV Power Supply 30A – your one-stop solution for powering up to 30 CCTV cameras at the same time. This power supply is designed for easy installation and reliability, with a 12V output of 30A that can support up to 360W at a time.

DC power supply converts AC power from a standard outlet into a stable DC power source. This regulated direct current is then used to power a device, module, or component. DC power supplies come in varying levels of input and output voltage, output current, and power rating.

The main advantage of using a DC power supply is that it provides a steady and consistent power source. A DC power supply also generally has a higher voltage and current capacity, making it more suitable for powering larger devices or equipment. Additionally, DC power supplies can be more cost-effective over time as they do not need to be replaced as often.

What is a Switching Power Supply?

Switching power supplies are designed for high efficiency and small size. They incorporate a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. Switching DC power supplies regulate the output voltage through a process called pulse width modulation (PWM).

The PWM process generates some high frequency noise but enables the switching power supplies to be built with very high power efficiency and a small form factor. With a good design, a switching power supply can have excellent load and line regulation. They can either step up or step down the input voltage to get the desired output voltage.

A switch power supply has greater efficiency than linear regulators because the switching transistor dissipates little power when acting as a switch. However, this switching can generate noise which can be lowered by filtering.

Initially, the unregulated ac input signal from the source is provided to the input rectifier and filter circuit. Here the ac input signal is rectified to generate a dc signal and further smoothened to remove high-frequency noise from it.

Voltage Regulation

In most switched mode supplies, regulation of both line (input voltage) and load (output voltage) is normally provided. This is achieved by altering the mark-to-space ratio(The ratio in a pulse or square-wave signal of the pulse duration to the time between successive pulses) of the oscillator waveform before applying it to the switches. Control of the mark-to-space ratio is achieved by comparing voltage feedback from the output of the supply with a stable reference voltage.

By using this feedback to control the mark-to-space ratio(The ratio in a pulse or square-wave signal of the pulse duration to the time between successive pulses)) of the oscillator, the duty cycle, and therefore the average DC output of the circuit can be controlled. In this way, protection from both over voltage and over current may be provided.

CCTV Power Supply 30A Specification

  • 12V 30A 360W Switching power supply
  • Input: AC100-240V
  • Output: DC12V30A
  • Unit size: 16.7×10.4×4.7CM
  • Weight: 490g
  • Size: 53×41×24CM
  • Support up to 30 CCTV cameras at the same time.