15W Solar Panel

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Semiconductor Power

Internal Reference: PWR-046

15W Solar Panel

The Solar Panel Charging Station is a piece of essential equipment for load shedding or outdoor activity, it has a USB multi-head cable and an alligator chip that can be used to charge mobile phones, power banks, speakers, 5V USB devices, 6v or 12v Batteries, and car & motorbike Batteries.

Product Features:
- Plug and Play: Small size as IPAD with lightweight only 0.5kg, it is portable and can be taken anywhere, extremely easy to use.

Efficient Power Conversion: Using the latest monocrystalline silicon solar panel manufacturing technology, it can work in weak sunlight and shows excellent power generation performance.
High Power Charging Faster: Build-in voltage regulator, stable output 2.5A current, fast charging, and protecting the battery.
Multi-Function: The Charging Panel with USB Multi-Head Cable (Android, Samsung, TYPE-C, DC, etc) can charge mobile phones, power banks, speakers, and 5V USB devices; the alligator chip can be used for car or battery charging.
Strong Compatibility. The USB current output stable of 2.5A can charge multiple electronic devices at the same time.
IP65 Weatherproof.

Product Specifications:
- Solar Panel Type: Grade A Monocrystalline
- Panel Dimensions: 26*37CM
- Load Power (W):15W
- Output Voltage (V):16V/9V/6V
- Output Current (A):0.9A/1.66A/2.5A
- Material: ABS