130*90mm 6V 160mA Solar panel

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Internal Reference: PWR-040

130*90mm 6V 160mA Solar panel

Do you have a project you've been working on that requires solar power? Look no further than the 130*90mm 6V 160mA Solar Panel! This panel is ideal for hobbyists looking for a reliable source of energy

Mini solar panels are miniature panels that conduct solar power, receiving energy from the sun and using it to provide power to a product. Mini solar panels typically are portable and usable when larger panels are unnecessary or impractical.

This is a 130*90 mm 6V 160mA Solar panel. It is of high quality and exquisite appearance. It is used in all kinds of high-grade electronic products such as solar cell phones, solar chargers, and solar portable power supplies.

How does a solar panel work?

The above image shows us how a solar panel works. This image should give you a good idea of what happens below the scenes of solar panels, you should be able to get a good idea of how the solar panel converts the sun's energy into usable energy for us. 

130*90mm 6V 160mA Solar panel Specification

  • Rated Power: 1W
  • Operating Voltage: 6V
  • Operating Current: 160mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.2V
  • Short Circuit Current: 160mA
  • Dimension: 130 x 90 x 3mm
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃±85℃