4S Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LFP Lithium Battery Active Equalizer Balancer BMS 1.2A

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Internal Reference: PWR-038

4S Li-ion Lipo Lifepo4 LFP Lithium Battery Active Equalizer Balancer BMS 1.2A

This module is the adjacent voltage difference equalization, the adjacent battery voltage difference reaches more than 0.1V, the chip internal triggers the equalization work, until the adjacent battery voltage difference is within 0.03V and stops working, when it is used on the battery pack, there is adjacent voltage difference when charging and discharging Triggering the equalization work, the battery pack voltage error will also be pulled back to an ideal value, reducing battery maintenance costs.

This board is based on the principle of adjacent equalization and cannot be used as a maintenance tool. To connect to the battery, it must be used with the lithium battery protection board. The pressure difference generated by charging and discharging triggers the work of the equalization board to achieve energy transfer and balance. Inductive energy transfer balance board, high current 1.2A energy transfer battery voltage balancer, significantly balance the battery voltage and improve the overall use efficiency of the battery pack!

  • Product Name:  4S 2A BMS Active Equalizer
  • Balance current: <2A
  • Balanced pressure difference: <10mV
  • Self-consumption during work: <10mA
  • Sleep consumption: <500uA


B-: The total negative pole of the battery pack (the negative pole of the first battery)
B1: Positive pole of the first battery
B2: Positive pole of the second battery
B3: Positive pole of the third battery
B4: Positive pole of the fourth battery
B. . . . . . N+ and so on

More than 13 series cable plugs need to be inserted obliquely, first, contact the B- pin and insert it obliquely upward, otherwise, it may cause the board to burn.

Balance Instructions:

1. When the equalization light is on, the equalization work is turned on
2. The equalization light is off, and the equalization circuit is in a sleep state
3. The equalization light flashes, indicating that the string is dropped, or the circuit is faulty.
Balance current
1、The adjacent voltage difference is more than 0.1V (the current is about 0.5-0.7A)
2、Adjacent voltage difference is more than 0.2V (maximum equilibrium current is 1.2A)
3、The smaller the voltage difference, the smaller the equalizing current.