12V 20A Power Supply

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Internal Reference: PWR-018

12V 20A Power Supply.

Are you a hobbyist looking for a high-performance power supply that can take your projects to the next level? Look no further than the 12V 20A Power Supply! This top-of-the-line power supply is designed with hobbyists in mind, featuring an input range of 110~240V and an output of 12V 20A 240W.

DC power supply converts AC power from a standard outlet into a stable DC power source. This regulated direct current is then used to power a device, module, or component. DC power supplies come in varying levels of input and output voltage, output current, and power rating.

The main advantage of using a DC power supply is that it provides a steady and consistent power source. A DC power supply also generally has a higher voltage and current capacity, making it more suitable for powering larger devices or equipment. Additionally, DC power supplies can be more cost-effective over time as they do not need to be replaced as often.

DC power supply explained

12v 20A Power supply

The above image shows us the inner workings of a DC power supply, this should give us a better understanding of how the 12V 20A Power Supply works and is able to do what it does.

12V 20A Power Supply Specification

  • Input is AC 110~240V and output is DC 12V 20A 240W.
  • High safety performance, with short circuit, overload, over-voltage, and protection functions.
  • Low working temperature, long service life.
  • Wide input voltage range, in line with global standards.
  • The power supply efficiency is high, and the electromagnetic interference is low.
  • Output Voltage: 12V DC
  • Output Current: 20A