Din rail automatic relay

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ElectroMechanical Relay

Internal Reference: PWR-017

Din rail automatic relay

The shell of the product is made of flame-retardant PA66 material, which is safe and durable. This product mainly protects against line voltage instability, front-end zero-break, 380V entry, voltage impulse caused by induction lightning, and other line voltage problems. The response speed of the product is fast, and the recovery time is only 50 seconds in theory. Equipped with a digital display, reading data is clear. The product has a voltage display function and it can be used as a voltmeter.

 Pin Out:

Technical Specification:

  • Model: LTGQ-63
  • Shell material: Flame retardant PA66
  • Chip type: 32-pin high-performance processing chip
  • Overvoltage value: AC 275V±5V
  • Undervoltage value: AC 170V±5V
  • Theoretical Recovery time: 50s
  • Working current: 63A
  • Working voltage: 230V AC
  • Installation dimension: W: 35.3×L: 84.8×H: 65.6mm
  • Weight: 157g