12V 150mA MINI Solar Panel

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Internal Reference: PWR-001

12V 150mA MINI Solar Panel

Are you a hobbyist looking for innovative ways to power your projects? Look no further than the 12V 150mA MINI Solar Panel. Rated at 1.8 Watts, this panel is perfectly powerful enough to energize any invention or device! 

Mini solar panels are miniature panels that conduct solar power, receiving energy from the sun and using it to provide power to a product. Mini solar panels typically are portable and usable when larger panels are unnecessary or impractical.

This is a 12V 150mA Solar Panel. It is of high quality and exquisite appearance. It is used in all kinds of high-grade electronic products such as solar cell phones, solar chargers, and solar portable power supplies.

How does a solar panel work?

The above image shows us how a solar panel works. This image should give you a good idea of what happens below the scenes of solar panels, you should be able to get a good idea of how the solar panel converts the sun's energy into usable energy for us. 

12V 150mA MINI Solar Panel Specification

  • Rated Power: 1.8W
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Operating Current: 150mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 13.2V
  • Short Circuit Current: 180mA
  • Dimension: 110 x 110 x 3mm
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃±85℃