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CPU ESP Electronics Kits

Internal Reference: PROJ-013


The ESP is the most useful Microcontroller to play with when you want to become more advanced. 

Bot Shop created this board as an easy way to build our projects. You will also find that many of our step-by-step DIY tutorials include this board. You can make 100's of projects with this project,

It includes a relay, screen and much more, so you can build advanced stuff quickly.

This DIY kit will give you a much easier environment to access most of the functionality of the ESP32. We have created a project board allowing you to access these functions easily and quickly. With this DIY kit, you will be able to improve your soldering skills and learn about the ESP32 and most of its capabilities of the ESP32.

We have a how-to-build-it projects page with step-by-step instructions.

ESP32 PROJECT BOARD Specification:

Microcontroller: ESP32 Dev Board
Resistors Values: 6x 220R, 1K, 3K, 10K
Capacitor Values: 3x 330uF, 1.2nF
LEDs: 5x 3mm 2x red, 2x yellow, 1x green
Transistor: BC547 NPN Transistor
Connectors: 6x 3Pins, 2x 2Pins, 5Pin L-Shape connector
Diodes: 3x 1N4001
Switching Regulator: LM2596S Switching regulator
Inductor: 68uH inductor
Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 22.1mm