Raspberry PI GPIO Expansion Board

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Development Module CPU PI

Internal Reference: PI-015

The Raspberry Pi GPIO expansion board allows you to easily connect modules, sensors etc. to the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi.

The board is connected with a 40-strip ribbon cable (not included). It has gold pin connectors and quick couplings without the need for screwdrivers or other tools. The boards can be connected with one other in a cascade for additional expansion ability.

Raspberry Pi GPIO expansion board spec

  • Universal GPIO expansion board for Raspberry Pi 4/3/2/1.
  • Multifunctional GPIO Extension Board multiplexing multiple interfaces contrasts.
  • It's a nice tool for Raspberry Pi. Plug and play, GPIO Python Library Reference use.
  • Excellent quality and Printing process.
  • These jumper caps are pretty cool, which makes your experiment easier and convenient.

Characteristics :

– Communication connections: 1 TXD0 (broadcast) and 1 RXD0 (reception)
– Power connections: 5 of 3.3V, 2 of 5V and 5 of GND
– Pulse width modulation (PWM) connections: 2
– GPIO connections: 11
– PCM audio connections: 3
– Connections with clock (CLK): 2
– Peripheral serial bus interface (SPI) connections: 1
– Input master / slave output connections (MISO): 1
– Connections system validation chip (SCE): 2
– I2C port connections: 8 (SDA, SCL, GOUI, EDAT, MOSI)