Brushless DC Motor Driver Controller Board 12V
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Motor Electronic ElectroMechanical Electronics Driver

Internal Reference: MOD-238

Brushless DC Motor Driver Controller Board 12V

This brushless motor driver is ideal if you want to drive brushless motors at very high speed. Even though the brushless motor driver is speed controlled using a pot on the driver, it can be modified to work with a wireless receiver for remote controlled vehicles if needed. It has the ability to drive a hard disk brushless motor and micro brushless motor with 4 or 3 wires without a hall sensor. This brushless motor driver has an incredible maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

Technical specifications:

 Operating voltage 7V - 12V
Max continuous current 1.2A
Speed adjustment range 0% - 100%
Short circuit protection Yes
Reverse voltage protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Max speed 10,000rpm
Number of outputs to the motor 3 or 4


brushless motor controller dimensions

Pin layout: