MPPT controller (EL-MD300SP)
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New Arrivals Power Power modules Management

Internal Reference: MOD-236

MPPT controller (EL-MD300SP)

The MPPT controller utilizes Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to extract maximum power from the solar array. The tracking algorithm is fully automatic and does not require user adjustment. MPPT technology tracks the array maximum power point as it varies with weather conditions, ensuring that maximum power is harvested from the array throughout the course of the day.

It has displays so that you can see the input voltage and current, aswel as the output voltage and current. The output voltage and current can be adjusted to fit your specific needs, as long as it is within the functioning range of the MPPT.

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage  17V - 55V
Output Voltage 10V - 30V adjustable
Input power 300W
Max output current 25A
Battery short circuit protection Yes
Battery reverse protection No
Over current protection Yes
Temperature protection Yes
Under voltage protection Yes
Voltage and current display Yes
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 40mm