MPPT Li-ion battery charger
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Internal Reference: MOD-231

MPPT Li-ion battery charger

This MPPT Li-ion battery charger chargers your Li-ion battery with 1A, using a solar panel that outputs 4.4-6V. It is ideal when you want to use a Li-ion battery as a power source when you go camping or hiking and there is no power to charge your battery with, to power your light.

If needed, the MPPT Li-ion battery charger power source can also be changed to a normal 5V power source and it will still charge the Li-ion battery under the correct conditions.

Technical specifications:

Input voltage 4.4V - 6V
Output voltage 4.2V
Max output current 1A (adjustable when R1 is replaced)
Battery type Li-ion

Below is a schematic that should be used to set the MPPT Li-ion battery charger up:

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