Adjustable Boost Module SX1308 2A
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New Arrivals Power Boost BreakoutModule

Internal Reference: MOD-226

Adjustable Boost Module SX1308 2A

This incredibly small Adjustable Boost Module has the capability to give output voltages that range from 2V up to 28V. It has short circuits and overheating protection built in to protect the module from any unforeseen complications that may arise when working with the module. This Adjustable Boost Module has a 10K potentiometer that needs to be turned to adjust the output voltage of the module. 

How to set it up

It is incredibly easy to do the setup of this module to use it as a power source in your project. You simply need to power the module with 2V - 24V and measure the output. If the output is not the voltage that you desire, you simply turn the blue potentiometer until you get the desired output. Please note that you need to turn the potentiometer a few times before you will be able to see a change in the output voltage.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage 2V - 24V
Output voltage 2V - 28V
Max current 2A max (peak 1sec)
Switching frequency 1.2MHz
Short circuit protection Yes
Dimensions 15.5 x 23 x 11.6


Datasheet: SX1308 chip