Step Down Module XL4015
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Internal Reference: MOD-221


Step Down Module XL4015

The Step Down Module XL4015 is a great module to use in a project when your main power source has an output voltage that is higher than a desired voltage within the project. It has an impressive input range of 8V - 36V and can be used widely in different scenarios as needed in different projects. The Step Down Module XL4015 has a second potentiometer that is used to adjust the maximum current output, to protect the rest of your project from power surges or if something else goes wrong in your project.

How to set it up

The Step Down Module XL4015 module is extremely easy to set up for your specific use for it. You simply need to power the module with a voltage that is higher than your desired voltage, measure the voltage output of the module, and then turn the voltage adjust (V-ADJ) potentiometer until you reach the desired voltage. You can then switch your multimeter to measure current and then measure the output current while you adjust the current adjust (I-ADJ) potentiometer, until you reach the desired maximum output current. See below picture for the placement of the potentiometers. Please note that you will need to turn the potentiometers a few times before you will see a difference in the output voltage and current.

Technical specifications

Input voltage 8V - 32V DC
Output voltage 1.25V - 32V DC
Maximum output current 5A (adjustable)
Switching frequency 300KHz
Dimensions 51 x 26.3 x 14mm