SIM A7670C r2 4G lte module
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Module GSM GPS

Internal Reference: MOD-219

SIM A7670C R2 4G LTE Module

Are you a hobbyist looking for the perfect 4G LTE module? Look no further than the SIM A7670C R2 4G LTE Module! This high-performance module is your gateway to control IoT applications with fast data transmission speeds. It features support for both LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD frequency bands, making it suitable for most common networks around the world.

The A7670 R2 4G LTE Module is an LTE Cat-1 module, which supports wireless communication modes including LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, GSM, GPRS, and EDGE, with up to 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate.

The A7670 series supports multiple built-in network protocols, which are suitable for main IOT applications such as telematics, surveillance devices, POS, industrial routers, remote diagnostics, etc.

It is designed for applications that need high throughput data communication in a variety of radio-promoting conditions. Due to the unique combination of performance, security, and flexibility, this module is ideally suited for many applications.

Wireless Communications in today's world

Wireless communications in the world of electronics and prototyping have always been a rapidly evolving area, with new networks and protocols being introduced at a wildly rapid pace, which each offer distinct benefits and improvements over previous iterations and technologies.

However, while these new networks and protocols are undoubtedly better than what we used to deal with in the past, some of them are quite complex in nature and require advanced knowledge and expertise to get working just right – especially when considering the modem complexity required for both high speeds and stable connections.

Block Diagram

The above image is a block diagram that shows us the pinout of the SIM A7670C R2 4G LTE Module.


  • Support dial-up Internet, phone, SMS, and other functions
  • The UART and other control ports on the lead out module is convenient to cooperate with the main control boards such as raspberry pi and STM32
  • With a SIM card slot
  • With an audio interface and audio decoding chip, it can be used for language operation such as making phone calls
  • With two LED indicators, it is convenient to view the operation status of the module
  • Baud rate range: 300 ~ 3686400 (default 115200)

SIM A7670C R2 4G LTE Module Specification

  • Product: A7670C
  • Form factor: LGA
  • Dimensions(mm): 24.0*24.0*2.3
  • Frequency Bands LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8, LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41, GSM: 900/1800MHz
  • Temperature GNSS: -40ºC ~ +85ºC
  • Supply Voltage Range(V): 3.4~ 4.2
  • Power Consumption (mA) LTE: 3.8, GSM, BS_PA_MFRMS=2: 3.5
  • LTE(Mbps): 10(DL)/5(UL)
  • GPRS/EDGE(Kbps): 236.8(DL)/236.8(UL)
  • Audio Record/Play: 0
  • TTS: 0
  • Android RIL: Android 5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0
  • USB Driver: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 Linux/Android
  • Embedded AT: 0
  • Firmware Upgrade: USB/FOTA
  • SIM Card: 1.8V/3.0V
  • PCM: 0